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Raves and Reviews

Kathleen & Robert, September 30th 2012

Mike was great to work with - from beginning to end - I am thrilled with my engagement pictures and wedding pictures. He got great candids of my guests at the wedding. On a day that can be very stressful - his personality is just laid back enough - that I felt calm and reassured - knowing that the photography was going smoothly.

Laura & Frank August 7th 2010

In a time when bad customer service and slow response times seem to be the norm for most businesses, Michel Nesmith is a breath of fresh air. His response times to emails in most cases is just minutes, and had never been more than a couple hours. He returns phone calls, answers questions, arrives on time when a meeting is arranged, and he takes beautiful photographs! He was a pleasure to work with and not only would we recommend his services, but if the ocassion arose we would use him again. Thank you Michael for the beautiful photos of our wedding.

Andrea & Marshall October 15th 2011

If you want real pictures without too many alterations to them then this Is the photographer for you. Also, if want to capture the moment and less details then you will love Michael Nesmith. He went above and beyond to work with us to capture the pictures we wanted and we loved all of our pictures.

Carolyn & Dave July 3rd. 2010

Mike is great to work with. He seems to understand clients' needs and he works hard to attain their goals. Mike is dependable and very timely. I would recommend him again and again.

Steve & JohnOctober 17th 2009

He's Amazing, I've never had such lovely pictures before