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Steve and John's wedding

26 October 2009

I had a great opportunity to photograph Steve and John DeLong’s wedding at the Old North Church In the North end of Boston. For history buffs like me the chance to work at what was the start of Paul Reveres ride to alert the Minute Men was a rare treat. Luckily the rain held off and the walk from Old North church to the Union Oyster house was a dry one.









Oh yea….. and the chowder was great too!

Landscape stuff

19 October 2009

These shots are in response to an old friend that remembers when I was a landscape shooting art student and I avoided taking pictures of people like the plague ( I still avoid people who have the plague!). Times change and now I hardly take a picture without a person in it. Unless it is some widget for a catalog. So Kathy, here you are….. I did these a while ago but I still remember how to do it.

BTW, she has a great band on the cape. You all should look up Random Ax and go to a show!2402



Angela & Chris's Engagement photos

13 October 2009

We spent a very windy Sunday afternoon at Pinkerton Academy in Derry NH. Lots of great shots with a setting sun!











We’re all looking forward to the wedding in May!

Przekaza Design Assoicates shoot

10 October 2009

I had a great chance to photograph one of Cathy Przekaza’s house designs. It was an old farmhouse and a barn combined into one beautiful home with lots of great details.Garcia039






some more photos

6 October 2009


Marriah and Chris

5 October 2009

Here are some shots from Marriah and Chris Butts wedding at Mechanics hall in Worcester MA. The room is huge…. I’m glad that I brought some extra lights! The band Plaid Daddy was great and a good time was had by all.


Always the best smile…..


This is the one shot that I had to get, Marriah and Chris kept telling me that they wanted this shot. Whew…… I got it!


All those buttons!

All those buttons!


Taking it all in….. after many months of planning it all goes by much too quickly.

Lauren & Brian

3 October 2009

This is one of last years weddings. Lauren just called to order more prints for Christmas so it is a good opportunity to post some up on the blog as well. The wedding was at the Grand View Inn in Jaffery NH. It was a good day and it made for a great Album!BF712








As you can tell….. they had a pretty good time.