Fun Stuff

General Electric Building in Manhattan

6 August 2012

Zakim Bridge

12 June 2012

zakim bridge

From the days of film and special panoramic cameras…

Pulpit Conservation Area

27 November 2009

It’s amazing what you can find in your own back yard……

Just about a mile from my house

Missed it again!

11 November 2009

Every year I say I’m going to do foliage pictures. And then every year I’m too busy to get out there and I miss the peak colors. It’s a good thing that I like black and white better anyway. Maybe next year I will get a chance.










Landscape stuff

19 October 2009

These shots are in response to an old friend that remembers when I was a landscape shooting art student and I avoided taking pictures of people like the plague ( I still avoid people who have the plague!). Times change and now I hardly take a picture without a person in it. Unless it is some widget for a catalog. So Kathy, here you are….. I did these a while ago but I still remember how to do it.

BTW, she has a great band on the cape. You all should look up Random Ax and go to a show!2402



Przekaza Design Assoicates shoot

10 October 2009

I had a great chance to photograph one of Cathy Przekaza’s house designs. It was an old farmhouse and a barn combined into one beautiful home with lots of great details.Garcia039






Welcome to the MNPICS blog

19 September 2009

Welcome and thanks for stopping in. This is the first entry of the Michael Nesmith Photography blog where you can view the studios latest work and projects.

I started my business in 1990 and have been lucky enough to travel the country working with a camera. I bring the same sence of excellence to all of the work that I do wether it is a huge wedding or a small piece of plastic for your parts catalog.

So please bookmark my blog and come back often to see what has been going on.



Post Office Square, Boston MA

Post Office Square, Boston MA